denistheriaultBlind Faith Productions sat down with our very own film-making guru Denis Theriault for a little Q & A about his journey in theatre and film so far. Theriault plays Henry, the 17-year-old, free-spirited musician in our upcoming production of Next To Normal at The Fredericton Playhouse Aug. 28-Sept. 1.

BFP: What was the first show you were ever involved in?

THERIAULT: I think it was a variety show at The Blackbox Theatre, directed by the always fantastic Leigh Rivenbark. It starred Measha Brueggergosman, Tania Breen and Tony LePage, among others.

BFP: Do you prefer acting for film or for the theatre?

THERIAULT: Definitely film. They’re two completely different beasts, but with film, I like the subtlety and reality of it. Theatre is much bigger and, well…theatrical! This show might change my mind though!

BFP: What has been your favorite role to play so far?

THERIAULT: Radley Weil in Gia Milani’s film All the Wrong Reasons. It’s the juiciest and most extensive role I’ve ever played. The fact that she entrusted this great character to me was an honor.

BFP: What role would you love to play that you haven’t yet?

THERIAULT: I’d love to get the chance to play a real person. An historical figure even. I’d love to dig right in, research them, and interview people who knew them–all to create a more rounded and realistic portrayal. I think that would be an interesting challenge.

BFP: What is the scariest part of an audition?

THERIAULT: Letting your inhibitions go. The moment you can do that, and not care if you make a fool of yourself, you’re set!

BFP: What show could you do for years?

THERIAULT: Next to Normal!!!

BFP: What are you auditioning for next?

THERIAULT: I just auditioned for Beethoven 5 actually (yes, THAT Beethoven) and also an upcoming CBC kids show.

BFP: What is the strangest thing a role required you to do?

THERIAULT: I’ve had to snort “pixie sticks” sugar in order to emulate drug use. That was an interesting one.

BFP: Have you ever forgotten your lines, or a prop, or choreography during a performance? What happened?

THERIAULT: Totally. I remember once, during a rehearsal for a TNB production of Chicago, the stage went quiet. I said out loud (and I was also mic’d) “Ok, who the heck forgot their line?”

It was me. I had forgotten. Totally embarrassing.

BFP: What is something embarrassing or unexpected that happened to you on stage?

THERIAULT: During a production of TNB’s “Big” I ran out on stage, looked out into the audience and quickly glimpsed a friend of mine’s face. In that moment, I totally forgot at what point in the show we were. I totally blanked out and froze like a deer in headlights!

Next to Normal runs from Thursday August 29 to Sunday September 1, with a special preview performance on Wednesday, August 28. All performances are at 7:30pm and take place in The Fredericton Playhouse Studio Space.

For tickets, contact The Fredericton Playhouse box office in person, by phone at 506-458-8344 or online at


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